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    Risks of Delayed Kidney Stones Treatment

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    What are Kidney Stones?

    Kidney Stones are also known as Nephrolithiasis or Renal Calculi. These hard deposits form inside one or both the kidneys and vary in size and number.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can start walking within a day of surgery and return to day-to-day activities within two weeks.
    It is quite difficult and inconvenient to pass multiple kidney stones naturally. In such cases, surgical treatment of kidney stones is the best option. With modern treatments like a shock wave and laser lithotripsy, you can get rid of multiple kidney stones without hassle.
    Yes, all Insurances are covered with no hidden charges. Our team facilitates paperwork on your behalf, ensuring smooth approvals. Contact HexaHealth for an easy, cashless & hassle-free experience.
    The exact cost is dependent upon the following factors:
    1. Doctor’s consultation charge
    2. Type of hospital
    3. Size and shape of the stone
    4. Unilateral or bilateral treatment
    5. Location of the kidney stones
    6. Admission charge
    7. Type of the surgery planned to be performed, whether conventional or Laser
    8. The health condition of the patient
    9. Post-surgical complications that are involved
    10. The admission room that you opted for.
    Contact HexaHealth for price transparency.

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