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Partial penectomy

Partial penectomy is a surgical intervention wherein a portion of the penis is removed, usually to address localized penile cancer while striving to maintain functionality and aesthetic appearance as much as feasible. This procedure involves careful consideration of the extent of cancerous tissue removal to achieve oncological clearance while preserving adequate penile length and erectile function whenever possible. It’s often part of a comprehensive treatment plan involving collaboration among urologists, oncologists, and reconstructive surgeons to optimize outcomes and quality of life for patients

Partial penectomy

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Helping patients achieve optimal urological health is both a privilege and a responsibility. For over 10+ years, we have been dedicated to providing the highest quality care in bangalore . Our patient-centered approach prioritizes your comfort and well-being, catering to the needs of you and your family.


dr anil kumar t best urologist in Bangalore

About Dr anil Kumar T

Board Certified urologist, uro-oncologist & Robotic Surgeon , trained in urological oncology, general urology and transplantation. I completed my urological residency from the prestigious Christian Medical College, Vellore, one of the premier institute in India. I had exemplary training & 10+ years experience in urology, encompassing diagnosis, treatment, basic urological surgeries, and post- operative care.

Dr Anil Kumar T


DrAnil Kumar T

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Kishore Kumar

Dr. Anil Kumar T is a very caring and compassionate doctor. He made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout my treatment. He was able to diagnose my condition quickly and accurately, and explained my treatment in a clear and concise way. I am really thankful to the doctor and his team for the extreme care and Support. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a urologist in Bangalore.